The beverages you consume can greatly determine the how skinny you look and whether your pants fits okay. For instance, the more diet soda you drink, the bigger your midsection (blame the carbonation and artificial sweeteners). What is the best beverage for weight loss for your tummy? The Fat Loss Beverage If you want to melt the fat from your body (abs included), you need to drink primarily water. It keeps your circulatory system in shape as you exercise, makes your digestive system run smoothly to get rid of toxins and pushes your metabolism up where it belongs. So, withhold this one substance from your body and you’re really limiting your fat burning potential. It’s not uncommon to think you’re hungry when in fact you’re actually thirsty. However, if you keep water in your system in adequate amounts, you won’t run the risk of confusing the two and giving your body more calories than it needs. And, water helps reduce bloat. If you’re not getting enough water, it retains it. So, increase your water intake so your body knows it doesn’t have to hold onto it and you’ll find that you look and feel better almost instantly. How much do you need? Everyone is different, but try for at least eight 8 ounce glasses a day. You can also know if you’re getting enough by monitoring your urine output. If it’s clear, you’re okay but if it’s dark then you should drink more. Also, sip all day long for maximum benefits. If you wait until you’re thirsty then you’re probably already dehydrated. If you don’t like plain water, add some fruit or cucumber slices to it for a unique flavor without any additional calories. For Quick Results If you want to lose bloat fast, add some caffeine to your beverage intake. It will help you eliminate both solid and liquid wastes more quickly, if you know what I mean. This is just a short term fix though and shouldn’t be looked at as a true weight loss option because it does nothing to reduce fat, just water and waste.

Slim Your Waistline Even When You’re at Rest

You can eat right and exercise all you want, but if you don’t take care of the rest of the areas associated with good health, you’re going to slow your body’s ability to burn fat. So, you have to take care of your body as a whole if you want a midsection to be proud of. One way to do that is to breathe.

 Breathing for Weight Loss 

Yes, you breathe all the time, but there is a specific way you can breathe to help your body let go of fat. Remember that stress increases cortisol production, and the more cortisol your body has the more fat you’ll likely carry in your middle region. So, if you want to trim your waistline, it’s important to take the time to get rid of some stress. One way to do this is to breathe. Find a place you can sit that is free from distraction. Breathe in nice and slow, hold it and then breathe out. Count to four and then do it again, making sure your breaths are nice and deep. This will reduce your body’s production of cortisol and set your mind at ease, making life’s ups and downs a little easier to manage. 

Don’t Forget to Sleep 

If you want to improve your weight loss, make sure you get adequate sleep. Research has shown that a majority of people (especially you ladies) lack in this area of health. Just as food gives your body energy, so does sleep. Don’t make it a priority and you can’t concentrate, don’t put your all into your exercise and everyday chores become difficult to complete. How much should you get? Ideally, you should aim for 7-10 hours nightly. The shocking thing is that 60% of Americans don’t meet the minimum. If you find it difficult to sleep, try cutting out caffeine early in the day as it stimulates your body for several hours even after you’ve stopped consuming it. Also, you’ll want to limit the amount of alcohol you drink as that is a stimulant as well. Do what you can to not use sleep aids. You risk becoming addicted to them and they’re also known to make you want to eat more. Well, there is all the information you need to get abs that rock! To recap, make sure you eat several mini-meals a day and be sure to include nutrient rich foods such as protein, fiber and complex carbs. This will help you lose cravings and, subsequently, lose fat as well. Get in adequate exercise both aerobically and with weights. And, make sure you take the time to breathe to release your stressors and sleep to rejuvenate your body. Follow these guidelines and you will slowly and steadily work your way to a midsection that is toned and taut! Now get out there and put this information into action!